how I got the nickname 'marcie'

(Written many, many years ago, before I started going by Joey...)

Marcie from PeanutsOkay, here's the story: When I was in my first year of high school (tenth grade) at Clinton High School in Clinton, MS, I was in the band. (Yes, I was a geek from an early age.) I was rather shy and tried to kind of blend into the wallpaper. I know this is hard to believe for those of you who know me now, but trust me on this... Anyway, I was friends with a set of twins who were brass players, and one of them drew cartoons. One day he pinned up a sheet of paper on the bulletin board with caricatures of many of the bandos. He took existing characters and attributed them to his fellow band geeks (our lead trumpet player was Opus). I was, naturally, Marcie of Peanuts fame. The next day, everyone started calling me Marcie, and it stuck. It's followed me from there through five moves since 1988, and will probably be with me for the rest of my life. Not that I'm complaining.

Check this out to compare me as a high school senior and the "real" Marcie.