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Things to Do While Isolating[edit]

aka "oh god I'm bored and so are my kids"

Arts & Culture[edit]


Music and Theater[edit]



Cooking and Baking[edit]



Online Courses[edit]

Teachers' Resources[edit]

Some guidelines for using SDF for online / remote teaching: To qualify as an instructor we are dropping the acredited school requirement. You just need to be at least an ARPA or preferrable a MetaARPA member. Once you are in the 'instructor' group, you can use 'instruct' to validate your classroom accounts and access/sys/classroom - If there are any utilities missing or needing updates, please let us know! Be sure to send your Syallbus as a PDF to us and have it clearly state your school or organization. If you need access to a web / cms frame work such as ATutor which supports SCORM we can also get that working for you. If you are a STUDENT and would like to see SDF as a resource for your classes or school, please let your teachers and professors know that this is available to them.



Live Cams[edit]


Media (Images/Audio/Video)[edit]

Physical and Mental Health[edit]


TV and Movies[edit]

  • Netflix Party - Plugin for the Google Chrome browser that lets you remotely watch Netflix with friends
  • Indigenous Cinema, National Film Board of Canada - films by Canadian Indigenous directors (free)

Video Conferencing and Text Chat[edit]

Home Improvement[edit]

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Yard work and garden/bed prep
  • Minor home repairs (amazing what you can order from Amazon)